- 2nd Sid Support ( for now its on Address $D420 )

- Midi Support

- Micromys Mouse Support ( not fully Implemented )


Planned for the Future:


- Record / Play

- Import Midi

- Export to Sid

- Sequencer

- Instrument Presets  


Useful Hints


Enable WinVice Datel Midi Emulation and select your Midi Keyboard as Inputdevice 

Tested on WinVice Versin 2.4.6  ( Some others have serious midi problems )

or use "the real Thing"

Enable 2nd Sid on $D420

Enable Mono Output in Sound Settings if you use Headphones

Disable Warp Mode in WinVice and set Speed settings to 100%  


WinVice Link:  http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/index.html#download